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The Lupin Co.

A little TLC goes a really long way when building a strong national brand.

Lupin was a tiny little legume that had the potential to significantly transform Australia,’s agricultural landscape but the problem was nobody knew what the lupe is lupin which is where we rolled up our sleeves to help spread the word.

The Lupin Co (TLC) aren't just another bag of superfood on a shelf. This small passionate team of  farmers, marketers and renowned food scientists personally pioneered lupins in Australia, and, with a brand new game-changing product they needed an iconic brand identity design, FMCG packaging design and go-to market strategy to help secure retail distribution and the hearts of everyday Australians.

TLC had done extensive work to achieve a product that had the highest credentials (the world’s richest source of combined protein and fibre), but with no context in market or consumer understanding of the product, we needed to break through the super food, gluten free clutter with a message that every Australian could understand and rally behind. 

Kickstarting with TLC’s Brand Positioning Strategy, we worked together to create a simple compelling brand story, visual identity design, packaging design, website, Tone of Voice Strategy, Influencer Marketing Program and Go-to Market Strategy that got straight to the heart of all things lupin.

Building the brand from the ground up, we approached the launch of a completely new power food as an opportunity to educate and inspire a better diet whilst making a difference to the environment and local farming community.

Brighten up your day with a little TLC is a simple brand story that communicates the goodness of all things lupin. Simple key messages implemented across the website, packaging and social media marketing further help drive awareness and sales prior to the launch of the brand.

Whilst TLC doesn’t officially go on shelf until April, 2017; the identity and packaging design has been extremely well received by retailers, media, bloggers and consumers, plus TLC has received numerous stockest enquiries since launching their website in January 2017. The

Work completed.

Brand Strategy. Identity Design. Packaging Design. Communication Strategy. Tone of Voice Strategy. Illustration. Website Design, Influencer Marketing Strategy, Public Relations, Digital Marketing Collateral. Trade Presentation Toolkit.

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Bespoke branded media kits were sent out as part of TLC's PR and Influencer Marketing Strategy targeting high profile key influencers with an 80% uptake among recipients.

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